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tomorrow's for the captains

cain is for charlie; delta is for cain.

16 August
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Writer. Verbophile. KK fan. Chemistry lover. Car fetisher. Inordinate punster. Asimov addict. TOS Trek nerd. Ludlum geek. Denim-clad and sapiosexual. Possessed of a sense of rhythm that tends to drive my entire life.

#Trancekitty in the house. Call me Cain. :D
007, agatha christie, aircraft, alistair maclean, animated films, aston martin, astrobiology, autism spectrum, beware geeks bearing gifs, bi visibility, bisexuality, black widow, brave, britney spears, caffeine, captain janeway, captain kirk, cargo ships, carmen sandiego, cars, cats, charlie brooker, chemistry, coffee, concept cars, cookie monster, cuddling, death note, denim, denim jeans, disney, english, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, forensics, frank oz, fucking with gender roles, gallardo, genfic, geometry, glasses are sexy, h/c, hindi/urdu, his dark materials, hotwheels, hurt/comfort, india, indigo manza, international radiotelephony alphabet, iron man, isaac asimov, jaguar, james bond, james kirk, james t. kirk, jason bourne, jeremy clarkson, jim henson, jim kirk, kate mulgrew, kathryn janeway, kk, lamborghini, language, life meta, life on other planets, liminal spaces, madonna, marie st jacques, marvel cinematic universe, math art, michael crichton, moana, muppets, murciélago, natasha romanoff, oliver sacks, only connect, other planets, patterns, person/vehicle otp, peter o'toole, phill jupitus, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pierce brosnan, pixar's cars, poetry, probe (1988), psychedelic trance, psychedelica, psytrance, puns, qi, reading, rediscovering old fandoms, remington steele, robert ludlum, rule 63, science, science art, science fiction, selfcest, sesame street, sexuality, sharp women soft men, sir humphrey appleby, space, star trek, star trek tos, star trek: tos, star wars original trilogy, steampunkish tendencies, stephen fry, stupid car puns, stupid puns, super mario, synaesthesia, synesthesia, the aristocats, the avengers, the golden compass, the muppet show, the simpsons, the solar system, the vicar of dibley, things with engines, tommy lee jones, tony stark, top gear, turning vehicles into people, wholesome love, william shatner, wlw, women in suits, wordplay, wouldilietoyou, writing, yes minister, yes prime minister